Nathan Coulson

Working with Cross Platforms from Linux

There is more to cross software development then just compiling the code. Working with package management systems or archive files, icon specifications, and other tidbits can be found below.


Package Management

OSX commonly uses 2 systems for

.pkg: This is a xar compressed file.

Xar: Used for extracting .pkg files

.dmg: a hfsplus image. Usually compressed & read only when used for package management

genisoimage(from cdrkit): Creates a readonly .dmg file from a directory

genisoimage -D -V "%lt;Volume Label>" -no-pad -r -apple -o <file.dmg> <Source Directory>

libdmg-hfsplus: This utility can compress a .dmg archive. Since the original libdmg from planetbeing, it looks like hamstergene has fixed a few bugs, as well as fixing the crc32 calculations

To compress a .dmg file,
dmg dmg <file.dmg> <compressedfile.dmg>